Registration for ROM 2023

Energize Your Mind and Restore Your Spirit at ROM’s Summer Gathering

Transform yourself as a leader!
Deepen your knowledge of peacebuilding and learn ways to work toward restoration and reconciliation at ROM’s Summer Gathering

Renewing Our Minds (ROM) is inviting young leaders to apply to our annual peace camp, held this year on June 25–July 6 in Crikvenica, Croatia. By bringing together participants from various ethnicities and religions, from Balkan and EU countries, we seek to form ambassadors who will return to their communities to engage in the work of peacebuilding and reconciliation, bridging the rifts between individuals, communities, groups, and nations.

“Here nobody judges you, and that’s the most important thing.
You feel like you are at home, you feel loved, and you feel valued.”

ROM is aimed primarily at university students or young professionals interested in growing as leaders, improving their communities, and serving the most vulnerable through political engagement and/or civil society. The ten-day gathering includes workshops, lectures, and interactive programs led by an international team of leaders, mentors, speakers, and facilitators with rich experience in fields of politics, media, business, religion, education, and the arts. Each day also includes a mix of excursions, group activities, and/or community service projects that allow for relationship building, encouraging friendships to flourish across cultural divides.

“ROM helped me make some decisions, it helped me find myself.
It helped me realize who I am and what I want to do when I come home.
The real journey begins when I come home, because everything I hear here I am going to want to share with my friends and community.”

Through time spent learning, reflecting, and engaging in joyful activities such as art, music, games, or sport, participants leave the ROM gathering feeling refreshed and inspired, ready to bring about change in their communities. We recognize that it is difficult to maintain this type of motivation when returning to daily life, and so we are intentional about supporting participants after the gathering as well. In addition to learning new skills and embracing new ideas, those who attend the gathering leave knowing they are now part of a supportive community of peacebuilders and visionary leaders.

At ROM, we believe in the transformative power of Jesus’ teachings, modeling our mission on his love for one’s enemies, servant leadership, radical forgiveness, and compassion for those in need. This is at the heart of our passion for peacebuilding and guides our desire to engage in the work of healing, reconciliation, and transformation. However, even as this faith sets us on this path, we do not think you need to identify as a Christian to engage in peacebuilding. All are encouraged to apply; all are welcome!

Your donation provides the opportunity for young, emerging leaders to attend ROM and EDI forums, conferences and other projects of Forum for Leadership and Reconciliation.